Meet Us

Joe - Co-Owner & Supply Manager
Joe is a lover of all things theatre, education and animals.  In college Joe was a biology major and studied herpetology (he also minored in acting).  He's been an educator for over 15 years.
Favorite Animal: Green Tree Frog

Animal Expertise:
 Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish

First Pet:
 Dog named J.R. (after the charater on Dallas)

Current Pets: African Cichlids, Fancy Guppies, Barking Tree Frogs, Betta


Diane - Co-Owner & Retail Manager
Diane Baum has worked with animals since age 16 when she began at a dog boarding kennel, which she then managed until 1999. During that time, she was an animal control officer for northern Dakota county and poundkeeper. Was also a vet tech for 5 years after the kennel experience and has had a fondness for animals all her life. Is a published author with 25 books to her credit, the first being "Patrick the Wayward Setter." Several of her books have won a semi-finalist place in the MN Book Awards.

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Animal Expertise: Since working with dogs for so long, I'd like to think I know them well, but also try to learn about the other pets that people have as well.

First Pet: was a mix breed pup named "Sandy"

Current Pets: three dogs, two cats, a dwarf rabbit and a guinea pig, plus a huge tank of fish!